The History of St. Francis Episcopal Church
  We are a growing and close-knit church family. We’re not so big you’ll be just another face in the crowd. Nor are we so small you’ll feel conspicuous. We do our best to help everyone feel welcome as we worship together and enjoy Christian fellowship.
While the Book of Common Prayer gives us our liturgy (the structure and language for worship), it is the members who work together as friends, family, and fellow Christians to run church activities. We are guided by our clergy and our elected vestry, but the culture of this parish is whatever we—and you—make it.St. Francis is also rich with tradition, which is most easily seen in our buildings and events. For example, you’ll see that a third of our facilities are dedicated to church classrooms.
As a suburban parish, St. Francis has always been focused on introducing our children to a life of Christian values and action with church school, community service programs, and popular parish events like the annual Christmas Pageant. Children participate in a wide variety of traditional programs all year long.
The Christmas Pageant is not to be missed!
  As a church family, we are also able to get to know our clergy—and they us. The Rev. Maly and Mother Katherine not only provide the liturgical and spiritual leadership for St. Francis, but they are also easily reached for service to you and your family in times of spiritual need. And as you get to know your fellow parishioners, you’ll soon find you’re surrounded in kindness and caring.
Mother Katherine

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