Parish Life

For many, being a member of St. Francis is both a deeply personal and universal experience. While we surely have unique points of view, expectations, and experiences, together we find common ground in the sanctuary of St. Francis Episcopal Church. Together we celebrate, grieve, anticipate, consider, wonder, remember, and worship. Together we choose "to know Christ and make Him known." We asked a few of our members what they think makes parish life within St. Francis unique. Here's what they said.


  • “We have young kids who really love coming every Sunday, seeing all their friends and learning about God.”
  • “Children are very welcome in the service...even with their wiggling, whispering, and giggling."
  • “I enjoy the family social events where I can meet with other parents and my children can have fun in a safe, loving environment. Everyone feels welcome and accepted.”
  • "St. Francis is really family friendly. Getting together for picnics, birthdays, movie nights, and watching each others' kids grow up is wonderful."


  • “The services are very thoughtful and provide guidance for the coming week.”
  • “I like the 'Peace' portion of the service. It gives us a chance to say hello to each other.”
  • “St. Francis is the anchor in my emotional and spiritual life. It is the seat of joy and love for me. I find God there, and he finds me.”
  • “The clergy provide sermons that relate to our daily lives.”


  • “St. Francis provides a true community feeling. People are genuinely interested in your well being.”
  • “I don’t feel lost in the congregation. I find it welcoming to everyone.”
  • “I enjoy the varied social opportunities St. Francis provides for people of all ages.”
  • “We are a very casual Episcopal church. There is no stuffiness at St. Francis.”
  • “St. Francis puts on a great after-church coffee social.”
  • "I have a whole new wonderful set of church friends, and now I feel like we're really part of Willow Glen."


  • “There are plenty of opportunities to get involved, which makes my worship experience more enriching.”
  • “There are many opportunities for me to express myself musically.”
  • “I am able to get involved and give back to my community.”
  • “My children are exposed to community service activities and experience the joyful feeling of giving and serving (which is important to teach at a young age).”
  • “My children serve as acolytes, which gives them their own sense of belonging to the church and helps them build and enrich their own faith.”


  • “The church is very accepting of all people, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey.”
  • "I can even bring my dog to church...once a year."
  • “I am proud to say I belong to a church that lets me think the way I want to think and helps me find answers to my questions.”
  • “The congregation is warm, open, and welcoming.”
  • “One can worship however and as much or as little as one wants.”
  • “St. Francis is a group of normal, down-to-earth people who are caring about each other."
  • “It’s a safe place for me to be. I am accepted and loved for who I am. I am always welcome there.”
  • “St. Francis celebrates the differences in God’s people. It does not try to make us all the same. That is love.”