Our stewardship program builds the foundation for our ongoing ministries. Good stewardship prepares for our financial needs and identifies where we can lend our talents. As a member of St. Francis, you are encouraged to donate your time, your talents, and whatever financial support you can comfortably offer.
For pledging, also known as tithing, you are welcome to make an offering during any church service. Many parishioners also find online pledging to be easier. Pledges can be paid weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or you can make a one-time special pledge. Whatever is most convenient for you. And payment can be made in cash, checks, or credit cards. Please complete the form below to make a pledge. (All fields followed by a single asterisk (*) are required.)

St. Francis in Willowglen Pledge Form

YES, in gratitude to God and as a faithful steward of God’s bounty, I (we) will give a portion of my (our) income to St. Francis to support its programs, missions, and ministries for the year: (All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.)

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**If you have chosen to pledge through monthly Electronic Debit, please Click this link to download the Electronic Debit Authorization form, print it, fill in the form and mail it to the St. Francis office.

***If you have chosen PayPal as your manner of contribution, please use this button:
We accept credit cards as payment however if you wish your donation dollars to go further, please log in to your PayPal account.